Add exercises

This is where you can create flashcard sets. First, you have to enter a title. This is only for administrative purposes. It will not be displayed on the front-end.

Then you can select the categories you would like to use with this flashcard set. Only words from the selected categories will be used in this exercise.

You can also choose whether to show words randomly or not.

If you added advertisements to the general settings page, you can choose to display those ads in an exercise.

“Enable inline ad” allows you to display ads between two flashcards. You can also choose how many times an inline ad should be shown in an exercise.

You can also enable another ad spot below the exercise. This ad will be shown throughout the exercise.

Here you also have email marketing settings. If you enabled this option in general settings you can use a subscription form between flashcards, similarly to inline ads.

Click on the “Save” button to save the exercise.

Once saved, you will see an embed code. Copy this code and paste it into any pages of your site.

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