Add words

This page consists of four important boxes and a table where you can see the previously created words.

In the first box you can add a word or expression and its meaning. The word and the meaning must be separated by a “|” sign without quotation marks.

In the second box, you can upload an audio file to this word. Click the “Upload audio” button and select a file from your computer. The audio will be played each time the card appears with this word or if a user clicks on the audio icon next to the flashcard. Uploading an audio with the word is optional.

In the third box, you can add an example sentence to demonstrate the word on the card. This is, again, an optional setting. If you leave this blank, only the word and its meaning will appear on the card. You can use basic HTML here to format your text.

The fourth box is pretty self-explanatory. You can place the word in a previously created category.

In the “Available words” section, you can see all the words that have been created so far. You can also edit, delete or search for any words here.

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