Updating the script

To update the Flashcard script from a previous version follow these steps: Overwrite old files Run the update script by visiting the following URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/flashcard/install/update.php Change yourdomain.com to the name of your domain, and flashcard to the folder where you installed the script. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Installing the script

Once you have uploaded all files and directories to your server, you are ready to install the script. Follow the points below: 1. In your browser, call the install script. Type: http://www.yoursite.com/flashcardscript/install/ and hit enter. Replace “yoursite.com” with your domain, and “flashcardscript” with the name of the directory you uploaded the script. 2. You should […]

File upload

After downloading the install package, extract it to your hard drive. Upload all files and directories from the “upload” folder to your server, preferebly in a sub-directory. You can upload the files using an FTP client such as FileZilla. If you are not familiar with using an FTP client, you can find a detailed tutorial […]