File upload

After downloading the install package, extract it to your hard drive. Upload all files and directories from the “upload” folder to your server, preferebly in a sub-directory. You can upload the files using an FTP client such as FileZilla. If you are not familiar with using an FTP client, you can find a detailed tutorial […]

System requirements

The script requires at least: PHP 7.0+ MySQL 7.+ mod_rewrite module enabled in Apache server Please make sure you check your system before purchase! Flashcardscript is a self-hosted software, meaning it needs to be uploaded and installed on a webserver. This documentation provides step-by-step instructions on the installation process, it does not require any special […]


Flashcard Script is an easy-to-use script written in PHP. You do not need any programming knowledge to set it up. It comes with a web-based installer and a comprehensive administration panel. It is best suited for language teaching websites to provide opportunities for learners to enrich their vocabulary. However, it can be used for other […]