Flashcard maker tools for learning

Flashcard script

Flashcards are an excellent way to teach and learn the vocabulary of a foreign language. They are fun and useful. They have online and offline versions. Various flashcard maker tools can provide options for creating online or offline (printable) flashcards. But flashcards can be used for purposes other than just language learning. They can improve memory skills, associations, improve various cognitive skills, memorize mathematical facts, or even help with advanced discussion work, speaking or listening skills.

So why should I use flashcards? You may ask. Well, they are easy to create for starters. Most people are visual learners, on them flashcards can make a real impact. In the realm of language learning flashcards play a huge role on vocabulary learning. The present, practice and repeat triad is a great way to drill new vocabulary into the learner’s head.

Flashcard can also be used for self-study. Learners can take them home and no need for the supervision of the teacher.

How do Flashcard maker tools work?

The easiest way to create flashcards is to use some kind of online tool or software. They are usually user-friendly and time saving.

Flashcard maker

Let’s say you want to teach Spanish words to English speakers. You can display the word “Puerta” on the main side of the flashcard and when it is turned, the learner can see the meaning of that word, which is, of course “door”. But you can do more!

With our flashcard script, you can even add a sample sentence to the back of the card. So, this way the learner sees not only the meaning of the word, but also a sample sentence with that word. This way you can give more meaning or translations to words that have similar meanings and the learners can see how to use that word in context.

It’s also a good idea to assign an audio file to each word so the learner can hear the correct pronunciation of that particular word or expression. Our flashcard machine has this functionality and the learners can also choose the listen to the word as many times as they want.

What kind of exercise can a flashcard maker offer?

We have already discussed vocabulary learning, but flashcards offer a lot more. They can be used for practicing mathematics, for example. You can write calculations on the main side and the answer or solution on the other. They could be used for developing thoughts on one side with images and displaying correlating bullet points on the back side. You can write questions on one side, and answers on the other. They can also be used for memory testing by adding time limit to the exercise. So you can see that the limit is really just the imagination of the teacher.