Using a Flashcard Maker for Language Learning

Flashcard script

Flashcards are a fun way for educating. They are simple cards wherein pictures, numbers or words are displayed on one or both sides. Using an online flashcard maker is an easy way to engage learners, especially language learners.

Learning with flashcards most of the time is attributed to the education of young children. However, especially in the field of language education they proved to be highly effective teaching tools. For example, in the case of learners of English as a second language, flashcards can be used quite effectively. When learning new vocabulary, characters and their corresponding sound or pronunciation is easier to learn this way. Learning with flashcards allows students to easily remember a word or character and associate it with specific images or sounds.

This is why our flashcard maker is a highly useful tool for language teacher. When you create a flashcard, you add a word and its meaning. But you can also assign an audio file to a card as well. This way the learner can see the word, its meaning and can also listen to the correct pronunciation. Furthermore the teacher can also add an example sentence to a flashcard.

Flashcard maker example

Flashcard maker example

Why you should use your own flashcard maker

There are many flashcard generator apps available online. The free versions unfortunately most of the time are of very poor quality. The paid ones, well, they are not free 🙂

The cloud-based flashcard services have also some disadvantages. They limit your options or place unwanted advertisements in your exercises.

Using your own flashcard script you are in control of everything. You decide if you want to display ads in your exercises or not.

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